Airmiles with Credit Cards
For travel junkies, one of the perks of owning a credit card is accumulating air miles. Air miles or airline miles are rewards from your credit card that can be in exchange for flight tickets or booking discounts as well as any other travel-related expenses like hotels, seat upgrades, vacation packages and more. Thanks to the frequent flyer program rewards that evolved into something like this.

Here are some ways and steps to earn miles from your credit card:

Miles for Miles

If you’re not a co-branded credit cardholder, you can buy a plane ticket, whether domestic or international, to obtain miles. The more frequent you travel, the more points and airlines you can get. The miles also vary on the ticket type you book – economy, business, first class.

In exchange forgoods and services

You earn air miles when you use you’re a co-branded credit card (partners with an airline company) on buying goods and services. You can convert the points into airline miles after then.Your accumulated air miles cover a percentage of the actual ticket price you’re intending to redeem your air miles on.

Upgrade to travel-related expenses

You may also choose to use your air miles to upgrade your seat from economy to business or business to first class, get discounts on hotels, and other travel-related expenses—the availability of which will depend on your credit card provider, the airline of your choice, your destination, and the air miles program you’re enrolled into.

Air miles conversion

There is a set amount of money to convert to a one (1) mile which depends on your credit card provider. Some others banks offer bonus air miles for every success credit card application as a welcome gift.

Accumulate points

When you’ve accumulated enough rewards points on your credit card, you may redeem them for airline miles which you can then exchange as payment for your plane tickets. For example, if you want to travel domestically, you might need to collect up to a total of 15,000 airline miles in order to obtain a complementary (or free) one-way economy class airline ticket, as opposed to 100,000 airline miles needed to obtain a one-way business class airline ticket.

How to redeem the air miles

Redeem your airline miles over-the-counter, through online banking, or over the phone, depending on the bank. You can either select a specific airline or airline alliance at the time of credit card application, or during redemption.These banks will act as a link between you and your airline of choice. Although, be aware of the conversion fee.

The more you spend, the more rewards points you can get; and the more points you collect, the more air miles you can redeem for a complimentary airline ticket that can take you to any destination you desire.Find out which credit card offers the air miles feature, or see how you can earn more rewards points from your existing credit card provider. Start earning air miles today!