Types of Bad Drivers

There’s a video making the rounds on social media of a Pinoy driver “teaching” other drivers how to turn the “beast mode” on while driving. Reactions to the video are (naturally) mostly negative with the one of the most common comment calling for authorities to revoke his license.

In the video, you could see the driver getting into an argument with another driver who he bumped into then you could see him laughing at the camera after driving off and leaving the other driver. The driver in the video later apologised saying that his wife and child have been threatened because of the viral video.

Bad drivers are out there and you encounter them every day on the road on your daily commute. Here are five types of bad drivers you see on the roads of the Philippines.

Drivers Who Don’t Use Turn Signals

Turn signals are a requirement for your car to be road worthy so drivers can’t really give an excuse that their turn signals are not working. Other drivers are not mind readers and can’t tell if you plan to change lanes unless you use your turn signal, so please, use your turn signal and let’s avoid accidents.

Drivers Who Cut Other Cars Off

That “beast mode” driver’s tutorial was about how to cut other cars off. Here’s a tip, DON’T follow his advice! Drivers who do this are bullies and are a hazard on the road. He bumped into another car in the video and got into a heated argument with another driver so that just shows you the consequence of driving like this.

Drivers Who Use their Cellphones While Driving

Drivers who use their cell phones are four times as likely to get into a crash that can injure themselves or others on the road so driver who do this are definitely a hazard on the road. In the U.S., official government statistics on distracted driving (an umbrella term for when drivers are texting, grooming, or watching a video etc.) show that 10% of all drivers under the age of 20 that were involved in fatal crashes reported being distracted at the time of the accident.

A bill has been filed[1] that could fine motorists who use their cellphones while driving with a fine of PHP 1,000 to PHP 10,000.

Drivers Who Don’t Turn Down Their Headlights from Oncoming Traffic

So you’re driving at night and the driver of the car in the opposite lane has his high beams on. You flash your high beams on to tell him that you’re being blinded by his high beams but he doesn’t budge and keeps his high beams on. Turning down high beams when there’s oncoming traffic is not just courteous, it also makes the roads safer since other drivers are not temporarily blinded by the high beams.

Drivers Who Take Such a Long Time Waiting for Passengers

“You’re late for work, you say? Well we’re not leaving until there are a dozen people on the roof of this jeep!” I’m sure you’ve had that experience too of getting on a jeep that’s half full only to spend such a long time waiting for other passengers to fill the jeep.

While it is understandable that drivers also have to earn a living (and they do this by getting as much passenger as they can) drivers are also being inconsiderate of others by doing this. Drivers who do this not just waste the time of their passengers but also block the flow of vehicles on the road and that adds to the traffic problem in the Philippines.

Bad driving habits contribute to accidents on the road and while you may be a good driver, you’re on the road with bad drivers so you’re always at risk for being involved in an accident. Practice defensive driving to be safe on the road but also protect yourself with car insurance for better peace of mind on the road.

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