unionbank rewards credit card

UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

Minimum Annual Income


(P15,000 Monthly)

Interest Rate


Annual Fee


Product Summary

unionbank rewards credit card

UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

Apply for a UnionBank Rewards Credit Card today and upgrade your credit card experience. Get 3x reward points for every dining and shopping purchase and travel spend made through Cebu Pacific. Plus, earn a point for every ₱30 spend and enjoy promotions and deals with partner merchants!
  • Earn 3x non-expiring reward points when you shop and dine here and abroad
  • Earn 1 non-expiring reward point for every ₱30 spend
  • Redeem cash credits, merchandise, gadgets, points transfers, and MORE!
  • Ideal for: cardholders who frequently shop and dine locally and overseas
Existing Credit CardNot Required
Landline numberNot Required
Age21 to 70 years old
Minimum Annual IncomeP180,000
Regular Employee
Government-issued IDPassport
Signed Certificate of Employment
Valid TIN / SSS / GSIS or UMID number
Proof of incomeBIR Form 2316, your ;atest ITR (1700 or 1701) with a BIR or Bank Stamp, or your latest payslip
Annual Fee Free
Annual Fee Waiver Yes
Monthly Effective Interest Rate3%
Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate3.04%
Minimum Amount Due P500 / %
Cash Advance Fee P200 / %

Is this the right product for you?

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Why Choose UnionBank Rewards Credit Card?

For people who love to receive something with their every purchase, a credit card that’s all about rewards is a perfect choice. So does the Choose UnionBank Rewards Credit Card fit the bill? Find out in this short review.

Get 3x reward points for shopping and dining

Shop at your favorite stores, dine at your favorite restaurants, and get rewarded for it when you use your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card. Because every swipe from any of these spending categories earns you 3x reward points. So shop and dine away to earn the best rewards out there!

Receive 3x reward points on your travel spend

Love to travel? Then get ready to be rewarded for travel purchases done with Cebu Pacific! Earn 3x reward points for every travel purchase you've made through Cebu Pacific when you swipe your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card.

Earn 1 reward point for every ₱30 spend

For every other spend category, each swipe on your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card is still rewarding because you earn one reward point for every ₱30 spend. Yes, even your daily food delivery bookings and online shopping sprees will earn you more reward points in no time. 

Enjoy exclusive UnionBank rewards all year round

There’s always a discount or a deal when own a UnionBank Rewards Credit Card, which makes this credit card worth having. With its many rewards and perks, you can look forward to reaping the rewards that are best suited for your lifestyle. 

Once you have saved up enough reward points, use them to pay for your weekend shopping sprees and date nights at your favorite restaurant. You can also redeem it as cash credits or as free flights through selected Frequent Flyer Programs.

More importantly, you can use your points to pay for your credit card purchases. Use your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card as often as you want and rack up those points. There’s no limit to how many points you can earn and there’s no expiration date. 

Is UnionBank Rewards Credit Card the Right Card for You? 

The UnionBank Rewards Credit Card is designed for people who like racking up rewards. But if you’re somehow unsatisfied with this credit card’s reward points and program, check out some alternatives: 

  • HSBC Red Mastercard. There’s no better choice for your second credit card than HSBC Red Mastercard. Earn 4x reward points for shopping, dining, online, and overseas spend. 
  • RCBC Flex Gold Visa. Want to double your rewards on specific spend categories? With this card, you can earn 2x reward points for three preferred spend categories: grocery, gas, travel, department store, or household appliances.


Earn one point for every ₱30 spend and get 3x reward points when you use your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card at shopping boutiques, department stores, and restaurants for both local and international purchases. You'll also get 3x reward points when you make travel purchases through Cebu Pacific.

Use your UnionBank reward points to pay for purchases at selected stores or convert it to pay for travel and accommodation expenses. Manage and transfer your points easily through the UnionBank Online app.

Yes! 25 reward points earn you ₱1. So if you have reward points just lying around, you can convert them to cash credit to pay for your minimum due.

UnionBank reward points don’t expire! As long as you’re in good credit standing, feel free to redeem your points for exclusive perks and discounts from partner establishments worldwide.

No, there isn't! Keep on earning points every time you spend with your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card.

You can keep track of your points through the UnionBank Online app. From there, you can also redeem exclusive perks and promos.

Open Facebook Messenger, search for @TalktoRafa, and type “What is my card application status?” to check your UnionBank credit card application status.


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