unionbank platinum mastercard

UnionBank Platinum Mastercard

Minimum Annual Income


(P50,000 Monthly)

Interest Rate


Annual Fee


Product Summary

unionbank platinum mastercard

UnionBank Platinum Mastercard

If you’re looking to get more out of your shopping experience, apply for a UnionBank Platinum Mastercard. Earn 1% cash back on all spending categories so you can save anytime, anywhere. Find more exclusive perks when you apply today!
  • Get ₱5,000 cash back for free when you spend a minimum of ₱40,000 within 60 days after card approval
  • Earn 1% cash back on all spending categories
  • Free lounge access at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3
  • Free life insurance coverage up to ₱400,000
  • Accepted at over 30 million establishments worldwide
  • Ideal for: cardholders with huge monthly expenses
Existing Credit CardNot Required
Landline numberNot Required
Age18 to 70 years old
Minimum Annual IncomeP600,000
Regular Employee
Government-issued ID
Valid TIN / SSS / GSIS or UMID number
Signed Certificate of Employment
Proof of income
Government-issued ID
Valid TIN / SSS / GSIS or UMID number
Audited Financial Statements
Business registration/permits
Annual FeeP3,000 / year
Annual Fee WaiverNo
Monthly Effective Interest Rate3%
Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate2.91%
Cash Advance Fee P200 / %

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Why Choose UnionBank Platinum Mastercard?

Enjoy getting cash back on all your credit card purchases? Then you’ll want to get your hands on the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard. Find out more in this short review.

Earn 1% cash back anywhere in the world

Spending and saving don’t usually go hand in hand but with the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard, you can do both! Get 1% cash back when you use your credit card on all purchases. There’s no limit to how much you can earn and no expiration date on your cash back.

Save every time you use your credit card

Take your savings wherever you go because the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard is accepted in over 30 million establishments and ATMs worldwide. You get to use your credit card and receive 1% cash back here and abroad.

Enjoy free airport lounge access at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3

Look forward to a comfortable airport experience on your next flight abroad with the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard’s free lounge access at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3. Relax and enjoy Club Manila Lounge’s and Pacific Lounge’s amenities and services.

Check your savings with the Mastercard Cashback Calculator

Know your savings upfront with UnionBank’s Mastercard Cashback Calculator. It shows how much you’ll save in different categories such as groceries, shopping, and dining, among others. You can simultaneously check your cash rebate on multiple categories to view your overall earnings.

Is UnionBank Platinum Mastercard the Right Card for You?

If you want cash rebates on all of your purchases anywhere in the globe, the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard is the right credit card for you. Want other benefits? Try these instead:

  • HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back. Another cash back credit card packed with more savings in every swipe. Enjoy these cash back rates: 5% on dining transactions, 3% when you fuel up at participating Caltex stations, and 0.5% on all other purchases.
  • BPI Amore Cashback Card. Get some love back when you use this credit card to shop and pay for your essentials. For every local spend of ₱1,000, earn 4% cash back on your groceries and 1% cash back on drugstore purchases and bills payment.


No need to memorize specific spend categories because you will earn 1% cash back on all types of purchases. So swipe away!

You have to use the UnionBank Mobile app to redeem your cash back. Note that your rebates don’t expire so you can redeem anytime, anywhere.

You can use the cash back calculator on the UnionBank Mobile app. You can also use the online cash back calculator from the UnionBank website.

The sky's the limit! There is no cap to how much cash back you can earn and redeem.

Just present your active UnionBank Platinum Mastercard at Club Manila Lounge, NAIA Terminal 1 and at Skyview Lounge, NAIA Terminal 3.

Search for @TalktoRafa on Facebook Messenger and type “What is my card application status?” Wait for your application status to appear.


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