rcbc classic mastercard

RCBC Classic Mastercard

Minimum Annual Income


(P15,000 Monthly)

Interest Rate


Annual Fee


Product Summary

rcbc classic mastercard

RCBC Classic Mastercard

Too many credit cards to choose from? You can’t go wrong with a classic like the RCBC Classic Mastercard. Earn reward points for every swipe and exchange it for air miles, rebates, vouchers, and other exciting rewards.
  • Earn reward points for as low as ₱36 per spend
  • Convert your points to air miles and other rewards
  • Free travel insurance and purchase protection
  • Free budget monitoring tools to keep your finances in check
  • Ideal for: money-savvy cardholders and frequent flyers
Existing Credit CardRequired
Landline numberRequired
Age21 to 65 years old
Minimum Annual IncomeP180,000
Annual Fee P1,500 / year
Annual Fee Waiver Yes
Monthly Effective Interest Rate2%
Cash Advance Fee P200 / %

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Why Choose RCBC Classic Mastercard?

RCBC Classic Mastercard is one of RCBC’s popular credit cards, and for a good reason. You can benefit from its features in your daily life, on splurge days, and during your travels. Find out more here.

Earn non-expiring rewards points for as low as ₱36 per spend

No need to use your rewards points in a rush! With RCBC Classic Mastercard, your points will never expire! Earn points for every ₱36 spent on retail; ₱125 from supermarkets, drugstores, or gas stations; and ₱250 for Fast BillsPay and insurance.

Convert your rewards points to air miles and other rewards

Shop now, travel later! Convert your reward points to air miles and visit your dream destination. Not a jet setter? No problem! You can also convert your points to shopping vouchers, cash deposits, cash credit, or even donations to a charitable institution.

Get free travel insurance and purchase protection

Feel secure when you travel internationally with the RCBC Classic Mastercard. Buy international travel tickets and get free travel insurance up to ₱50,000. You can also use it when shopping abroad to get free purchase protection that covers accidental loss or damage to your purchased items.

Use budget monitoring tools for free

Even your daily finances will benefit from your RCBC Classic Mastercard, thanks to their budget management features such as Spend Monitor, a real-time SMS credit card spending advisory, and Spend Analyzer, a credit card transactions tracker.

Is RCBC Classic Mastercard the Right Card for You?

The RCBC Classic Mastercard is the right choice for you if you want to maximize your card’s features in your daily life and while on vacation. If you’re looking for something similar, here are some alternatives:

  • RCBC Flex Visa. Get twice the reward points for every swipe and convert it to air miles or redeem them in different ways. You also get free travel insurance and purchase protection when you use your credit card abroad.
  • UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa. Be merry and worry-free while you travel and take advantage of the free travel insurance feature, free airport lounge access, and contactless transactions with Visa payWave.
  • Citi Rewards Card. Earn 3x non-expiring reward points when you pay for any dining and shopping expenses. Use your points as payment at over 1,000 establishments or convert them to air miles or Go Rewards points.


You earn one (1) point for every ₱36 spend or ₱125 supermarket, drugstore, or gas station spend.

You can convert your points to redeem the following rewards:
  • Air Miles
  • Cash Rebates
  • Shopping Vouchers
  • Cash Credit to Your Credit Card
  • Deposit to RCBC Bank account
  • Donations

Your RCBC Classic Mastercard comes with free travel insurance of up to ₱50,000. Cool, right?

RCBC’s Purchase Protection program covers the loss and accidental damage of items purchased overseas using your RCBC card up to ₱50,000 or the card’s credit limit, whichever is lower.

You can call RCBC at (02) 8888-1888 or you can send an email to email@service.rcbcbankard.com to check the status of your application.


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