hsbc platinum visa

HSBC Platinum Visa

Minimum Annual Income


(P41,667 Monthly)

Interest Rate


Annual Fee


Product Summary

hsbc platinum visa

HSBC Platinum Visa

Upgrade your credit card experience with the HSBC Platinum credit card. Enjoy up to 4x rewards and travel privileges and a 0% interest installment plan up to 36 months. Redeem air miles using your bonus points for an adventure like no other.

  • Contactless credit card -- no swiping necessary!
  • Earn 4 points for every P20 you spend overseas
  • Earn 3 bonus points for every P20 you spend on local dining and shopping establishments. Earn 1 bonus point for every P20 you spend anywhere else.
  • FREE travel accident insurance and travel inconvenience coverage
  • Ideal for: travelers and shoppers who wish to earn more credit card points
Existing Credit Card Required
Landline number Required
Age 21 to 65 years old
Minimum Annual Income P500,000
Annual Fee P5,000 / year
Monthly Effective Interest Rate 3.5%
Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate 3.75%
Minimum Amount Due 4%
Cash Advance Fee P500 / 3%

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