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It’s the last few days of November, which means the mad dash to shop for gifts have already begun. COVID-19 may have made family gatherings more difficult, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of the season is dead. But what if you’re still deciding what to give your loved ones for Christmas? Don’t worry, this list of fun Christmas gift ideas will help lead you to the perfect gift.

From the youngest member of your family to the most difficult person to find gifts for, this list will definitely include everyone and every budget. Also, these gifts are all online so you don’t have to join the long lines at malls or shopping centers. Take a look at your options and enjoy your holiday online shopping spree.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 10,000

Bamboo Clothes Rack 7-Tier Storage

christmas gift ideas - bamboo clothes rack

  • Price: PHP 6,799 at The Bamboo Company[11]
  • Ideal for: family and relatives who love to #OOTD

A good #OOTD Instagram post won’t be complete without a proper wardrobe to house all your choices. Gift your trendy loved ones this minimalist clothes rack from The Bamboo Company. Aside from looking fly, it’s also made from sturdy bamboo wood that will certainly last for years. That means more years of #OOTD fun in the future.

GoRiser Laptop Standing Desk Riser

christmas gift ideas - laptop desk riser

  • Price: PHP 7,500 at FlexiSpot PH[12]
  • Ideal for: ever-busy parents and relatives

Do you have parents or relatives who are always busy with their work? They’re probably stuck in a chair for most of the day. Give them the opportunity to stand and walk with this GoRiser laptop standing desk riser. A tall desk will force them to stand while working, giving them the opportunity to move while accomplishing their daily office tasks.

Sony WF-SP700N Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

christmas gift ideas - sony headphones

  • Price: PHP 7,990 at Poundit[13]
  • Ideal for: grandparents who still don’t get technology

Want to introduce some cool tech to your grandparents? Give them the best wireless headphones that will let them listen to the tunes of old. The Sony WF-SP700N headphones will certainly do the trick. Or if they don’t want it, just gift it to your tech-savvy siblings or cousins. Either way, it’s a great addition to your list of Christmas gift ideas.

Forerunner 45 Smartwatch

christmas gift ideas - forerunner smartwatch

  • Price: PHP 8,595 at Kinetic[14]
  • Ideal for: fitness titos/titas, competitive siblings

Are you a fitness-oriented family? Then your loved ones will definitely love this Forerunner 45 Smartwatch. It monitors your heart rate and tracks your pace, location, and distance every time you go for a run. Jog safely around the neighborhood with this new fancy smartwatch and see how you fare against other family members.

Versit Commuter Bike

christmas gift ideas - commuter bike

  • Price: PHP 8,650 at Iloilo Bike Shop[15]
  • Ideal for: errand boys and girls of the family

Every family has the one member who is always the runner. Usually, it’s the youngest sibling and sometimes, it can be the responsible older sibling. Regardless, you can make their lives easier with this trendy errand bike from Iloilo Bike Shop. Make them more efficient and less tired whenever your parents ask them to buy something from the store.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 5,000

Gundam HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam Justice Knight

christmas gift ideas - Gundam HGBD:R 1/144 Gundam Justice Knight

  • Price: PHP 1,399 at Lazada[6]
  • Ideal for: kids and kids-at-heart

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, get you something that will hit two birds with one stone. This badass Gundam kit will surely be a hit to your nieces and nephews, but it will also be a great gift for teenagers and even adults. Because let’s face it, building a robot from scratch is a universal hobby—everyone can get in on it.

Starbucks 16oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

christmas gift ideas - starbucks tumbler

  • Price: PHP 1,525 at Lazada[7]
  • Ideal for: coffee-addicted titos and titas

Coffee lovers can finally get their hands on their favorite Starbucks tumblers without leaving their homes. Starbucks recently opened thier flagship store at Lazada and they spared no expense in featuring their best line of tumblers. Take this time to gift your loved ones and fellow coffee addicts this gorgeous Starbucks stainless steel tumbler.

Oversized Cotton Hoodie

christmas gift ideas - oversized hoodie

  • Price: PHP 1,690 at Zalora[8]
  • Ideal for: self-employed and work-from-home relatives

The months-long quarantine inspired a new fashion trend: oversized hoodies. How else can you have style and comfort at the same time while you’re stuck at home? That’s why this chic hoodie from H&M is the perfect for your self-employed and work-from-home relatives who are working hard while inches away from the kitchen.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

christmas gift ideas - Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Price: PHP 1,999 at Logitech[9]
  • Ideal for: online students and work-from-anywhere relatives

Speaking of being stuck at home, life still has to go on for everyone, that includes students and work-from-home folks. That’s why it’s important to have the necessary tools and gadgets at home so you can still excel at your field. No company or school laptop to work on? Gift them this wireless keyboard that connects to any smartphone or desktop.

Avery Classic Low for Women

christmas gift ideas - avery women shoes

  • Price: PHP 4,250 at Balthazar Shoes[10]
  • Ideal for: fashion-savvy siblings and cousins

The holidays is the perfect time to upgrade your kicks. Give your loved ones the chance to do so when you gift them this chic-looking sneakers from Balthazar Shoes. It is made from premium full grain leather that will surely last for years. You don’t want your loved ones to step outside again with lame-looking shoes, do you?

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 1,000

Basketball Set Magneto Basket Memo Board

christmas gift ideas - basketball mood board

  • Price: PHP 450 at Quirks PH[1]
  • Ideal for: millennial relatives returning to work next year

Looking for a kooky gift for your relatives who are returning to their office next year? Brighten up their downtimes with this ultimate desktop distraction: a mini-basketball hoop. It has a magnetic back that can stick to doors, shelves, cubicles, and other metal surfaces. It also includes a marker and eraser for those competitive enough to keep score.

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Firefly Rechargeable Fan with Night Light

christmas gift ideas - Firefly Rechargeable Fan with Night Light

  • Price: PHP 499 at Lazada[2]
  • Ideal for: parents who pride themselves for being laging handa

If you can’t think of Christmas gift ideas for your parents, always go with the practical route. For overprepared parents, this rechargeable fan is a perfect gift that won’t break the bank. It also comes with a night light for nights when the power is out. The recent typhoons made it clear: everyone should always be ready for the unexpected.

K-Drama Oppa Planner 2021

christmas gift ideas - oppa planner

  • Price: PHP 699 at Shopee[3]
  • Ideal for: friends and family who are also K-Pop stans

The K-Pop craze is alive and kicking in the Philippines. Your loved ones are probably crazy for it too. Here’s the perfect gift for them: an 2021 Oppa Planner! Who knew you can combine productivity with your passion for everything Korean? Pick this up and gift it to your K-Pop stans so they can plan their days with a smile and some kilig.

Large Capacity Salad Spinner

christmas gift ideas - salad spinner

  • Price: PHP 759 at Shopee[4]
  • Ideal for: best friend who promises to lose weight next year

We all have that one friend who will make it his or her goal to lose weight in 2021. Help them kickstart the process by gifting them this fabulous salad spinner. As early as now, teach your friends how to prepare their food properly so they can reach their fitness goals next year. This gift is also perfect for anyone who just loves salads.

Kemilng Wooden Chess Set

christmas gift ideas - Kemilng Wooden Chess Set

  • Price: PHP 999 at Lazada[5]
  • Ideal for: friends and family who loved Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is the latest Netflix craze that probably inspired your family and friends to start playing chess again. Inspire them further with this lovely chess set from Lazada. Spend the holidays formulating strategies, tactics, and flashy chess moves as everyone tries to be the Beth Harmon of the family.

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Final Thoughts

While it’s true that you don’t need an expensive or exciting gift to tell people you love them, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exert effort in shopping for presents. Take these Christmas gift ideas in mind as you formulate your very own holiday shopping list. And above all else, don’t forget to enjoy the company of your loved ones this holiday season.

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