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Philippines 3rd Telco: Will PT&T Provide a Homemade Solution?

The tedious process to add a third telco provider in the Philippines has made another step. Recently, the creation of an inter-agency committee[1] to oversee the entry of a third major telco was ordered by President Duterte. The committee shall provide support and oversight to the involved governmental institutions. Maybe this will help speed up […]

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Getting the Most Data With Your Prepaid Promos for P500

Living on a budget, you always have to consider your options, even when you book a prepaid promo for your cell phone. You need to compare to find out what is best for your needs and at an affordable price. Focusing on a budget of PHP 500, we’ll show you what you will get by […]

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LTE Broadband — A Viable Alternative to Line Broadband?

While social media remains the center-part of our online activities, we also continue to do more online, whether its shopping or watching videos. As we spend more and more time online with different activities we also adapt our ways of going online to these new habits. For many activities, mobile internet on your cellphone won’t be enough. You will […]

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Who Will Challenge PLDT and Globe in the Telco Market?

“The President has instructed the DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) and National Telecommunications Commission to ensure that the 3rd telecom provider will be up and about by the first quarter of 2018.” These words uttered by presidential spokesman Harry Roque on December 19[1] may have flown past you in the time before Christmas. However, […]

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How to Find the Best Broadband Plan for You

In our introduction to the broadband market in the Philippines, we presented your different options to access broadband. As the market progresses, more broadband providers will join, offering a variety of broadband plans, at different prices. This can be confusing and we might end up paying too much for something we do not want. This two-step guide will […]

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How to Find the Best Prepaid or Postpaid Plan for Your Smartphone

A smartphone has come to be a part of our lives. They offer us the possibility to stay connected to each other via text, call and most importantly through the internet. Looking through and comparing all the different prepaid and postpaid plans the different telco providers like Globe, Smart and Sun have to offer can be […]

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