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Filipinos can consider getting a personal loan for various reasons, which include renovating a flat, covering school fees, or paying an old credit card that is collecting interest. Unlike other types of bank loans, you don't need to explain what you need the loan for. The funds are available for your use, at your discretion.
If you are a Filipino citizen or permanent resident, you generally need to be 18 years old or older, and earning a minimum annual income to qualify for a personal loan. Banks will be looking at other factors such as your credit score, before granting you a loan.
Unlike getting a credit card cash advance, personal loans have a fixed term. This means you have a timeline for paying it off, and it is typically less than 5 years. Personal loans also have a fixed interest rate, and it's easy to compare them across different banks. This allows you to save money on payments and gives you time to find the best deal. You can use the comparison tools to find the right personal loan for you.

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