Traveling for Business: #WhyTravel with Surfer and Entrepreneur Luke Landrigan

Published: May 30, 2019 | Updated: March 27, 2020 | Posted by: Mayee Gonzales | Personal Finance

surfer and entrepreneur luke landrigan

Have you ever been to La Union? If yes, then you’re probably familiar with San Juan Surf Resort, one of the first hotels in the Surfing Capital of the North. Established by Brian Landrigan in 1992, San Juan Surf Resort is now ran by surfer and San Juan Surf School founder, Luke Landrigan. Renowned and visited by locals and tourists alike, both businesses prove to be a success, having a good reputation over the years.

Having a business by the beach is definitely a dream, especially for Luke who grew up near the sea. However, such things come with challenges, too. How does Luke, as a surfer and entrepreneur, manage his business while being a father and a teacher? And how does his love for travel come in? 

Learn more about Luke and his #WhyTravel below.

Why do you travel? Why do you desire to see the world? 

I started traveling when I was 14 because I used to join surfing competitions as a kid. Since that I can’t seem to settle too long in one place. There’s just so much beautiful places to see and cultures to learn.

Tell us something about your business, San Juan Surf School and Resort. What was the idea behind it? How did it start?

The business was started by my dad in 1992. Growing up in that kind of environment, it made me want to work in that kind of business also.

surfing with luke landrigan

Why did you decide to put up a business in La Union? What drew you to the place?

I grew up here and I’ve been surfing ever since I can remember. We put up 3 rooms to start with and now we have 40.

What do you love most about your career as a surfer and a businessman? What are the pros and cons?

The best part is meeting all the cool people that gets drawn into surfing and of course seeing the beautiful locations around the world. The only con I guess is that it’s challenging to run a business while I’m away. But then there’s are always ways around it.

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luke landrigan in his resort in la union
luke landrigan traveling with surf boards

Luke in San Juan Surf School and Resort. He recently opened a restaurant business aptly named Seabuds La Union.

In your own opinion, how can a personal loan help entrepreneurs like you?

A personal loan can help entrepreneurs start a business or that idea or dream they have and make it into reality. In my case it helps me expand and further grow my business. It’s also a good option for people yearning to become entrepreneurs but don’t have backing from parents. So a loan may be another way for them to own 100% of the business or start up that they are planning to put up.

Do you think you would get a personal loan soon? Why and for what purpose?

Yes, I will. I am planning on venturing into another business somewhere else. I don’t want to have my eggs in one basket. I’m the type of entrepreneur who is always open to new and upcoming ideas that would work for me and the market I plan to target. I definitely want to explore other stuff too.

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luke landrigan wife and kids

What is the greatest thing you’ve learned from traveling? Any lessons you can share?

Enjoy the process. From packing your bags to getting stuck at airports, you have to accept that everything’s part of the experience.

What is your dream destination? Why?

To take a train from London to Singapore (or vice versa). Just because I’ve never really traveled much in trains and imagine the scenery you’ll be passing by!

How do you manage your finances when traveling?

By taking advantage of online banking and different types of payment methods.

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