An Introduction to BPI Jumpstart Kiddie Account (Part 1)

July 19, 2013 | Posted by: Moneymax | Personal Finance

July 19, 2013

You may think that it’s too late to get your child a kiddie savings account when he or she starts celebrating his or her first double-digits birthday. Perhaps, you also think that once your children get to 12 years old, they are no longer qualified to open a kiddie savings account.
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It’s never too late to get your child a savings account

Saving is a good virtue that must be instilled in the minds of the young, and it is a parent’s responsibility to show their children the concept of money saving and the importance of financial freedom.
The kiddie savings accounts are initially designed to teach the habits of saving among the children aged from 7 years old to 18 years old.

The BPI Jumpstart Savings Accounts

The Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) Jumpstart Savings Account is designed for pre-teens and teens from 10 years old to 17 years old. It is an ATM savings account with special and cutting-edge features that help pre-teens and teens to save their money at ease and keep their money safely.
The account holders can also carry out online banking transactions and enjoy convenient cashless shopping.

The BPI Jumpstart ATM Cards

With the BPI Jumpstart ATM Account you will get a BPI Jumpstart ATM card. You can claim the ATM card one week after your application for the Jumpstart Savings account is processed.

It’s Also Your Allowance Card

Apart from that, this card can also act as an allowance card where parents can automatically transfer their money from their BPI account to the accounts of their children on a regular basis. In other words, it can save the children a lot of trouble from keep reminding their parents about their monthly pocket money. At the same time, parents can also freed themselves from being harassed every end or start of the month by their children.

Let’s proceed to the second part of this article!

You may wonder if there are any hidden fees for the BPI Jumpstart ATM cards and where you can use the card to pay your in-store purchases.
So, let’s proceed to the second part of the article, as there is a big surprise waiting for you. Any hints? Well, it is a built-in feature of the BPI Express Teller Card. Just click on the link second part of BPI Jumpstart Savings Account to read more!
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