Summer Wardrobe for Under PHP 1,000

Published: May 7, 2014 | Updated: July 23, 2021 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Summer Wardrobe for Under PHP 1,000

Summer is the best season to have fun under the sun! Before you head on to the beach and flaunt your curves, you might want to re-evaluate your wardrobe first, if you have the right outfit for this season.

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Want to look fabulous this summer? Update your wardrobe with summer-themed clothing items. However, this can be a problem especially if you don’t have the budget for clothes shopping. Don’t worry, here are some helpful tips on how to get summer wardrobe for under PHP 1000.

1000-peso Challenge

Some people do not agree with 1000 pesos as an ideal budget for shopping. It might seem small but you just need to be resourceful on how to find the right clothing item and where to find it with a discounted price. Listed below are the places where you can go to find the best low-priced summer fashion:

Ukay Okay!

Ukay-ukay or second-hand apparel store is one of the popular shops in the metro where you can find low-priced clothing items. The name came from the Tagalog word “Halukay” which means ‘to dig-up’. This type of store started in the summer capital of the Philippines—Baguio City. What’s good with the products from ukay-ukay are the imported clothing items like jackets, shirts, sweaters, shirts, and other ready-to-wear (RTW) items. They also sell bags, shoes, and accessories.

Save 50 to 80 percent by purchases stuff from this store. Ukay-Ukay is patronised not just by ordinary people, but also famous and rich Pinoys. In just 100 pesos, you can buy a signature-labeled shirt, while 300 pesos and up allows you to buy shoes, shorts, jeans or bags. Your 1000 pesos will definitely go a long way if you try to purchase items from this store. Better to get your cash ready cash because this type of store does not accept credit cards.

Tiangge Fashion

Tiangge are a small RTW business by micro-entrepreneurs. The clothing items from this type of store is brand new compared to the stuff that can be sold from ukay-ukay. However, the clothes here are mostly made in China and Bangkok.

The good thing about this store is it offers up-to-date fashionable clothing items. They go with the trend but given in a cheaper price since it has no label compared to the stores you mostly find in malls. The trick to save more from shopping for clothes in tiangge is to haggle for the price. Lowballers are definitely welcome to these stores.

Department stores

The good about shopping at department stores is they have an array of clothing items to choose from. This type of store carries a lot of brands and you are quite lucky if you have the chance to go there on sale. You don’t have to worry if you lack cash or what you have to purchase items will exceed your budget. The Department store is the ideal place to go to since they accept credit cards.

Online shops

Shopping online is the most convenient way to buy the clothing items you are eyeing for. Nowadays, even “brick and mortar” shops or stores you usually find in malls create web stores as a branch for their online shoppers.

You don’t have to spend gas or suffer a long commute just to travel to the mall. In just a click of a button or a swipe from your smartphone’s screen, you can easily find and purchase summer-themed clothes. You may find these types of stores in social media or visit the domain of the clothing brand’s website.

For payment transactions, most of the online shops accept credit cards, while those who use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for their business usually accept payment via third party payment such as bank transfers, remittances or cash on delivery.

Your 1000 pesos will go a long way if you try to be trendy and resourceful by mixing in the new from your old clothes. Filipinos are known to be hustlers in haggling prices just to get discounts. You may try that when shopping for clothes in tiangge or second-hand clothes shop.

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