Top 7 Online Shops For Tech Gifts This Christmas 2016

by Kristel Silang, on category "Lifestyle,Money Matters,Technology"

November 11, 2016

Top 7 Online Shops For Tech Gifts This Christmas 2016

Do you reach for your phone immediately when you wake up in the morning? Even at the start of one’s day, we already use our gadgets. It has become an integral part of one’s day. This aspect can also be a basis of the gifts you’ll buy for your family and friends this coming holiday season. A great way to go shopping for tech-related items is through online shops. They offer competitive prices while sparing you from the stress of holiday season traffic.


lazada-website Lazada has been known as one of the go-to online marketplaces in Southeast Asia. With a presence not only in the Philippines but also in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, it has established its credibility in the Filipino market and has enticed many Filipinos to try out online shopping. They offer many payment options such as credit cards, cheque, or cash on delivery. Gift Suggestions from Lazada:  lazada-1 lazada lazada-2


youpoundit-website Who wouldn’t be enticed to shop for gadgets at an online store that’s promoted by Jun Sabayton, Ramon Bautista, and RA Rivera? Yes, they are in charge for content and social media promotion of this e-commerce website that prides itself for its great after-sales service. Gift Suggestions from YouPoundit:  youpoundit youpoundit-3 youpoundit-2

Widget City

widgetcity-website Widget City is one of the e-commerce pioneers in the country. They have partnered with Yugatech, TechPinas, PinoyTechBlog, Unbox and JAM Online to produce gadget reviews with newly-released gadgets in the market. Gift Suggestions from Widget City:  widgetcity1 widgetcity3 widgetcity2


kimstore-website Also a pioneer in the Philippine e-commerce market, Kimstore started out as a Multiply shop back in 2006. Kim Lato, the Founder and CEO, had this shop as part of her undergraduate school requirement back then. Today, it is one of the go-to online shops for affordable and new gadgets. Gift Suggestions from Kimstore:  kimstore-1 kimstore-2 kimstore-3


spectrumph-ss Buying Macbook accessories can easily get up to Php2,000 to Php3,000 when you get it from malls. You can get the same kind of quality accessories for less the price at Spectrum which currently has more than 21,000 Instagram followers as of today. They offer Macbook cases for as low as Php550 and keyboard protectors for as low as Php250. Gift Suggestions from Spectrum:  spectrum-1 spectrum3 spectrum2

Marshmallow St.

marshmallow-st-ss If you’re looking for unique designs on laptop and smartphone skins, as well as gadget decals, then you can get them at Marshmallow St. for an affordable price. They currently have more than 61,000 Instagram followers and have great customer service through Viber and text. What’s great is that you can also request customized products in terms of design and size to suit the personality of the person you’re gifting it to. Gift Suggestions from Marshmallow St.:  marshmallow1



Chasidy Collection

chasidy-ph-ss With a combination of influencer marketing and a great roster of kitschy smartphone case designs, Chasidy Collection is one of the new Instagram shops that has been gaining popularity. It now has over 22,000 followers at Instagram. What’s great about their products apart from the designs is that they range from Php300 to Php500 and includes free shipping. Now, that’s a great deal. Gift Suggestions from Chasidy Collection:  chasidyph1 chasidyph2 chasidyph3  
How about you? Do you have any suggestions on where to buy gadgets and gadget accessories online? Share them with us at the comments section below!