Hearty Gift Discounts for February

Published: February 1, 2016 | Updated: March 16, 2020 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Lifestyle

Nobody ever said that you couldn’t go all out on a budget, even on one of the more consumer-fueled “holidays” of the year. Valentine’s day is usually the time when couples fill restaurants and malls and romantic destinations across the metro.

Approximately 150 million Valentine cards are exchanged every year, with figures probably skewed much higher today. While the actual origins of the event and the person it is named after are shrouded in mystery, it remains one of the most celebrated occasions in a year.

Gifts for the people you care about doesn’t need to be relegated to just one day a year, but there’s something that can be said about gifts given (or gifts you give yourself) on Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s just that extra kilig, or it’s the day.
If you’re looking for something to give to that someone special (or yourself) on the 14th, though – which is on a Sunday – here’s a few gift discounts you might want to take note of.

For the traveler

Traveling is something that everyone enjoys. Whether it’s to go home and see family, or just to see places they’ve never been to. If travel is your thing, you might want to check out Cebu Pacific’s Gala Mode promos – which retail one-way tickets starting at Php 1,088 for domestic flights ‘til seats last. Your travel period is from between February to the end of May, 2016. Imagine the sprawling beaches of Palawan, and you’ve got seats on the first flight of the summer.

If international destinations are more your scene, there are one-way seats being sold starting at Php 3,288 for Guam and other international destinations. Think of all the places you could visit, maybe even propose in Tokyo, or spend your anniversary in Hong Kong.

Thinking about staying at a hotel with your loved one instead? Check out Bayview Park Hotel’s Valentine’s Day package, which includes dinner and other treats apart from the room. Slots are limited, so reserve your room today!

For the foodie

Any occasion always requires food. bdIf you and your loved one happen to be the type to go out on food trips (or if you’re planning something), here’s a few promos you can sink your teeth into.

If Spanish cuisine is to your taste, and you have a BDO credit or debit card, a receipt of Php 500 will get you freebies from Tapella by Gaudi. Going vegan? Agico Vegetarian Café has a freebie appetizer sampler when you spend Php 1,200 with them.

A great meal also comes with great drinks, and CitiBank credit card holders can also enjoy a 20% discount on food and sparkling wines at The Wine Club ‘til February 15, 2016.

You can avail food discounts from other credit cards here:
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For the gadgeteer

All the little gadgets and gizmos that people have usually let them keep in touch with the people that they care about – you included.

If you waited to upgrade your gear ‘til after Christmas, now would be a great time to peek at Lazada. Beginning February 1, the website’s Valentine’s deals are up, and you can choose from a whole menagerie of items, and with discounts ranging up to 89%.

The best part is that there are some gadgets that also work as accessories, here’s the quickest place to find it. If you’ve been looking for the perfect smartwatch for your special someone, you can get a standard Smart Watch for Php 559 down from Php 4,900.

For the shopaholic

Everyone loves to do a little shopping every once in a while. It’s a great way to treat yourself after working so hard for so long. You can also use this opportunity to gift a shopping trip to someone. Ensogo’s having a February sale of its own with plenty of clothes, accessories – and house items at 55% off.

Gifting a newlywed couple something? You can get them a set of bedsheets for Php 599, down from Php 1,000. Getting a backpack? You can spring for a Longchamp backpack at Php 2,399 – down from Php 14,760
Valentine’s Day may be considered a day for couples to celebrate their love, but it’s not exactly supposed to be restricted to that. It’s a day for love, a day you can celebrate your love for family, or friends, or just you.
Give a gift, or treat yourself to something nice – it couldn’t hurt if kept in moderation.