One of the largest issues that most people face during the summer is how to keep cool. On most days in summer, the heat in the country is enough to cause dehydration; long exposure to the sun without any protection can result in prickly heat and sunburn.

While most people flock to the high-powered air-conditioned malls of the country, there are ways you can beat the summer heat without having to spend too much. Here are DIY ideas that’ll help you beat the heat:

Hack your Hydration

Keep a water bottle with you at all times. While you could buy a small insulated water jug, a cheaper alternative is to put uncooked rice in a small Ziploc baggie or a clean sock and stuff it in your freezer. It’ll come out cold and stay that way for a couple of hours which is enough time to cool your bottle.

Cool down

Speaking of cooling yourself down, the best places to make sure the cold seeps into your body well are your pulse points. The back of your neck, the insides of your wrists and knees, and your temples are where blood circulation is densest. If you want to cool down, you can run water to these points or use the rice bag hack previously mentioned.

One great thing about the hack is that the rice pack doesn’t leak and molds to your body parts.

Another trick you can do, especially if you don’t have an air-conditioner, is to grab a big bowl of ice and stick it behind your fan to cool the air coming your way.

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Sweet Treats

For iced treats, just mix together your favorite kind of fruit drink and put it in an ice tray, or slice up some fruits and stick it in the freezer overnight.

For adults, you can drop some of your iced juice cubes into your preferred alcoholic beverage for an easy cocktail mix.

You can also make cookies and milk cubes by putting a few cookie bits into trays and covering it with a generous amount of full-cream milk. Drop these into a tall and cold glass of chocolate for a tasty treat.

Got a blender? Check out these blender ice cream recipes from Blendtec. Iced smoothies are perfect when you’re exercising, and you can check out these mixes from Popsugar. And if your summer goal is to get fit for the season, these refreshing weight-loss juice mixes from Health Ambition might help you shed some pounds.

Moisturize Me

Skin tends to get really dry or oily over the summer months and can lead to skin problems. It’s always a good idea to have lip balm on hand if you tend to get chapped lips. Having a small spritzer of water for quick hydration is good, too.
If store-bought moisturizing lotions and creams are harsh on your skin, you could try making your own using these recipes from Natural and Healthy Living.

Summer heat isn’t always easily beaten, but here’s to hoping you can stave off feeling it too much. But then again, summer means blue skies and trips to the beach, so maybe it’s not that bad.

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