The pursuit of happiness in the modern age is an interesting one, to say the least. In the digital age, nearly everything you could possibly want can be yours with a few deft clicks on your computer, or a few swipes on your smartphone.
The fact is society these days lives off of consumerism. There’s so much information on nearly anything anyone could possibly want thrown at you that you might be inclined to believe that material wants can fill any void. It’s not to say that buying something new and shiny isn’t good for your soul every now and then, but there are always a few very good reasons to spend money on experience.

Reason #1: Enriching Yourself

Life is one gigantic, continuous teaching experience. At some point, you go from being taught to seeking knowledge for yourself.

You’ve probably thought to yourself that you want to learn to speak another language, and balked when you saw how much it would cost. But when the debate is between language lessons and spending frivolously, the better bet is the language lessons. A new language gives your resume a boost, and brings down the language barrier when you plan on traveling. It’s not just languages, spend your money on skills that you want – cooking, or maybe an accounting course.

Reason #2: Perspective

Spending your money on an experience can broaden your horizons greatly. While travel is an undeniable way to do so, you don’t necessarily have to leave the country to do something new and mind-opening. Take a road trip, do something alone, or take friends – any combination of these things may end up showing you a surprising side of yourself.

Something as simple as traveling to a remote beach just to hear the crashing of the waves can be an experience on its own, or backpack through the country. It doesn’t always cost a lot, but the opportunity to learn something life-changing about yourself is there.

Reason #3: Building an Identity

You’re always going to be you, and your experiences make up a huge part of that. While you may find people who’ve done similar things as you have, their experiences won’t be the same as yours – nor will your identity by any more or any less defined by having done something someone else has done.

Any experience you spend on is going to be yours and yours alone, even if there’s someone with you. Comparisons will matter very little when you want to build your own identity through experiences.

Reason #4: You’ll Never Forget It

Some of the best experiences in your life will be unforgettable. For many, this is the first reason why they’d even consider dropping any amount of money for anything. These unforgettable and joyous occasions make for memories that can help you through a tough time in life, give you something to hold on to as reminders that things aren’t so bad.

While getting too attached to the past isn’t a good thing, occasionally reminiscing about an amazing experience can be a great mood booster.

Reason #5: Feeling Good is Always Better

When you buy something new, the item in question slowly becomes shiny and interesting over time, thanks to the “buyer’s high” fading. Spending some money on an experience like travel, or in the pursuit of new knowledge has an edge in that “high” not fading for a good, long while.

It doesn’t even have to be a big spend, something as little as catching up with friends over coffee or going to the spa is an experience that lets you relax and de-stress, and is worth the money you spend on it.

Final Thoughts

The funny thing about using money to fuel an experience means you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows for it. While there isn’t always a guarantee of a good experience, everything goes a long way to crafting who you are as a person, and some of them even go on to becoming pretty hilarious stories later on.