Car Games
Traveling always involves a certain amount of restlessness, especially when you’ve got company along. Most people are okay sitting in the silence of a car, with almost everyone just scrolling through whatever they want to on their smartphones.

But even that gets boring and repetitive after a little while, but then, what do you do? Play some Car Games, of course! While there are plenty of apps that allow for that sort of thing, let’s get back to basics for a second, and here are 5 fun car games that don’t require smartphones.

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20 Questions

This one’s a classic game that’s got very few rules and doesn’t really take the driver’s attention off the road, and keeps everyone thinking.

How it works: Someone thinks up an animal, mineral or vegetable (or person, place, thing) – and everybody else asks a question that can only be answered with a yes, or a no. After 20 questions have been asked, that’s when everyone gets to guess.

Laugh A Lot

If you’ve got a friend who laughs easily, or someone who laughs at the slightest provocation, then this is the game you’ll want to play. Feel free to be as silly as you like to get someone to laugh a lot.

How it works: Choose a player who’s got to keep a straight face. Everyone else has to choose a silly answer for that player to use, then everyone else asks a question and the player can only answer using that phrase – while trying to keep a straight face. When he eventually laughs, that’s when the next player is tagged.

I Spy
Like 20 Questions, this one’s a game that’s been played by people on a road trip at least once. It’s slightly tricky for anyone driving on account of the fact that they can only “spy” things within their field of vision.

How it works: The person who starts the game announces that they see something, using the phrase “I spy…” and gives a clue. Everyone else will try to guess at what it is by asking questions until someone correctly guesses it, and becomes the next person to think of something.

The Alphabet Game

This is a game that tests both your memory and your observation skills while on the road.

How it works: Everyone works through letters of the alphabet sequentially, yes, starting with A and moving downwards. You’ll need to look for objects that correspond to each letter of the alphabet (good luck with certain tricky letters). Variations of this game may involve only looking at letters on billboards or license plates.

The Riff-Off

You’ve seen Pitch Perfect, right? Challenge your friends and family to a riff-off in the car just to see who knows the most song lyrics well. This game also works for groups who’re musically inclined.

How it works: Well, pick a theme to start with, and someone to start the riff-off. The next player jumps in on a word that derives from the last word in the lyric before they jumped in. Basically, if someone sings “someone like you” and the next player jumps in, they’ll have to start with “you”. Someone is cut-off (eliminated) if the lyrics don’t match, as wording must be precise for this game.

Those are just a few games you can play while you’re out on the open road. These games are plenty and often run into variations of each other at some point. These are also some of the least distracting games that you can play with whoever is driving, as it takes very little attention off the road.

So the next time you happen to be on the road with company, and happen to be bored of the internet, give these games a shot.

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