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February 21, 2019

Got interesting stories, tips, or guides to share with our followers? Let’s collaborate! As a guest writer, your stories and insights can reach our readers from all corners of the globe. Our audience ranges from young professionals, business owners, travelers, and tech-savvy people.


  • We are receiving tons of guest writing requests. We will only entertain emails that already included their company name or website for reference, and is LOCATED IN THE PHILIPPINES.
  • You should be willing to share your guest post on your social media accounts.

I. How to Submit an Article

Email us your ideas at mktg@moneymax.ph. Feel free to pitch at least 3 topics you think will best suit our audience. They should be insightful and will add value to our readers. Also, include a short description of the topic you have in mind. Do not hesitate to pitch videos, infographics, or any other type of content.

II. Writing Tips and Guidelines

Once your pitch is accepted, there is no guarantee that your final output will be published on our blog. We only accept quality and in-depth content.

Make sure that you follow these guidelines:

Article Topics:

Below are the topics we prefer, but feel free to suggest more if you think it will interest our readers:

  • Tips and informative guides on car insurance, credit cards, or loans
  • Investments
  • Money management
  • OFW-related content
  • Government services
  • Basically anything about finance that can make the life of our readers easier


Minimum of 800 words per article


Please include a photo or two to make your article more interesting. All images should be free from copyright and claims. Images should not be more than 1mb.

Author Bio:

Feel free to include an author bio with a length of 15 to 30 words.We also allow a link going to your site or to your social media page.


For consistency, our editors will review your guest post before we publish it on our site. Upon submission, Moneymax has the right to edit your content accordingly. We will also edit your article if it needs updating in the future.

Note that we will remove links that we think are spammy and manipulative. Moneymax may or may not notify you of such changes.


Average review time is one week max. Expect us to send you an email regarding our feedback. For a faster and more efficient process, make sure to submit content that is of best quality. We appreciate articles that are free of grammatical errors.

Reasons why we may decline your submission:

  • Plagiarized/copied content
  • Poor formatting and writing style that needs major revision
  • Lacks insights, substance, and creativity
  • Spammy or unnatural links and/or stuffed with keywords
  • Self promotion or advertorial type of content

III. Few Reminders:

  • Do not hesitate to include humor and show your personality in your writing
  • Read our articles to have an idea of the topics we write as well as our content tone and style.
  • Our readers love to comment on our articles. Feel free to interact with them and answer back if there are questions related to the topic.
  • Please do not submit articles related to race, religion, and politics. Moneymax is 100% fair and unbiased.
  • We only accept original content. The article should NOT be published anywhere else.
  • Moneymax will have copyright ownership of your guest post.

Now that you have read our guest posting guidelines, email us and submit your topic pitch!

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