What is Gadget Protect and What Does it Include?

Published: February 17, 2020 | Updated: November 10, 2020 | Posted by: Ricky Publico

Gadget Protection Coverage: Everything You Need to Know | Moneymax

Nowadays, smartphones are more of an investment. Sure, you can buy a cheaper phone for less, but the high-end and mid-range phones are too attractive and powerful to ignore. Phones have become so valuable that you can now buy a gadget protection service plan to protect your smartphone from any type of accidental breakage. Neat, right?

A service like Gadget Protect might sound too much, but it’s something you should consider getting. After all, you use your phone more than your car that it has become an extension of your very self. Isn’t it natural to protect that part of you? To help you understand further, let’s dive deeper into what gadget protection service plan really is.

What is Gadget Protect?

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Gadget Protect shields you financially from the damage of your device. Similar to any type of coverage out there, getting a gadget protection service plan means getting yourself peace of mind. Since you use your smartphone almost every minute of the day, it is more prone to accidental breakage than anything else. That’s why it needs a protection service of its own.

In the Philippines, gadget protection plans are usually offered to postpaid subscribers and credit card owners. But now, you can financially protect your phone even if you pay for it upfront.

Gadget Protect vs. Phone Warranty

Now you might think you don’t need a gadget protection service plan because you already have a warranty. Indeed, most smartphones come bundled with a standard 7-day replacement and an extended warranty for mobiles[1] of up to one year. But this warranty only covers factory defects like dents, scratches, software glitches, and other manufacturer-related problems.

Since you only have seven days to discover factory defects, your only course of action when you discover a damage weeks later is to have it repaired. You won’t pay for it, but you will have to endure the wait of having your phone repaired by service centers. Remember, this is just for damages that came with the phone itself. What about damages from outside factors?

That’s why gadget protection plans are important. A service warranty is simply not enough to protect your device from the dangers of everyday life. When you break your phone, can you afford to buy a new one right away? If not, then it’s best to afford yourself some assurance that you won’t break the bank whatever happens to your device.

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How Much Is Gadget Protect?

The cost for a gadget protection service plan can vary from phone to phone. It will depend on the model of your phone and how much your phone costs. The usual gadget protection cost ranges from PHP 400 to PHP 9,000.

For starters, expect higher costs if you own a high-end device like the ones from the newest Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the iPhone 11 series, or the Huawei P30 series. Meanwhile, you’ll get a more affordable cost for mid-range phones like the Samsung A50, Huawei Nova 3i, and Oppo F11 Pro.

You are also required to pay a service fee once you make a service request. The service fee also depends on your phone’s price range and usually costs PHP 150 to PHP 5,500. This is to prevent users from abusing their gadget protection service plan and discourage anyone from making fraudulent service requests.

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What Does the Service Plan Protect?

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Cracked Screens

Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone directly to your face while you’re lying in bed? You’d probably just laugh it off or curse out the pain. But what if you dropped it on the floor? What if you broke your phone by accidentally sitting on it? What if you’re just naturally clumsy? Luckily, gadget protection plans include repair costs for cracked screens.

Accidental Breakage

Dropping your phone isn’t the worst case scenario. What if you dropped it on the road and got trampled by speeding cars? No rugged smartphone case can protect your phone from that kind of breakage. How about shock? Say goodbye to your warranty at that point. With gadget protection plans, you’ll have the option to replace the broken phone with a new one.

Water Breakage

What’s worse than accidentally dropping your phone on the floor and cracking the screen? Accidentally dropping your phone on water and possibly ruining it from within. You probably think this won’t happen to you, but you’d be surprised how a lot of people end up inflicting water-related breakages to their devices and buying a new one.

This drives home the point that you need to have a gadget protection service plan. Around 11% of smartphones end up getting dropped in water.[2] And once your phone meets the water, the chances of you saving it are low.

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