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Glossary of Terms

Mobile phone technology that includes services and applications with faster access to the web.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
This refers to insurance coverage provided in the event of death or loss of an appendage arm, leg, hand, foot, or vision during your trip.
An accident is an unexpected, erratic and unforeseen event resulting in harm, injury or detriment.
Act of Terrorism
The planned and deliberate use of violent means (or the threat to use violent means) against people to achieve a religious, political or ideological goal.
Annual Fee
A yearly fee that is charged for availing certain financial products such as debit or credit cards. The annual fee charged for debit cards is much less than that of credit cards.
Annual or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
A travel insurance plan that covers all trips made during a one year period. There might be limits to the duration of each trip, usually between 30 and 120 days.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
The average cost of credit expressed as an annual interest rate. APR is a relatively accurate measure of how much a credit card will really cost you, since it includes an average of auxiliary charges aside from the monthly interest rate. In each billing period (usually about a month), the provider charges a small amount of the annual rate, referred to as the periodic rate.
An Automated Teller Machineis a banking outlet that is operated electronically and that allows customers to carry out basic transactions without a teller.
ATM Withdrawal
Cash withdrawals are amongst the most basic ATM services. Certain banks limit the number of free ATM withdrawals. Once you have crossed the limit they might charge a fee for every transaction.
Baggage Delay
This refers to insurance coverage for a delay of more than 24 hours in receiving your baggage while travelling. It provides sufficient reimbursement for essential luggage items.
Balance Transfer
The act of transferring money (or credit) from one account to a different one. With regard to credit cards, it is the transfer of credit from one credit card to another.A balance-transfer fee might be charged.
Balance Transfer Fee
A fee charged on performing a balance transfer. It could be a flat fee or a percentage of the transfer.
This is the amount of data that can be transferred over a connection usually expressed in bits/bytes per second (bps).
Be Box Modem
Amongst the Be broadband product range. The Be Box Modem is an ADSL capable wireless router. It also supports voice over IP functions.
An individual nominated by a policy holder to receive claims in the event of death of the policy owner.
The amount of money an insurance supplier has to pay out in case a claim is made by the insured or a beneficiary of the insured according to the terms of the insurance policy.
This is a single unit of data ? with regard to internet packages and broadband, this is a unit of transmitted data. A kilobit (Kb) is 1,000 bits. A megabit (Mb) is 1,000,000 bits.
Broadband is a faster version of the internet that works at higher speeds because of an increased bandwidth. The most commonly used form is ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line). ADSL technology uses a pre-existing telephone to connect to the internet. It is always on and phone calls can be made while using the internet unlike dial-up. Broadband internet services can also be offered via your TV cable or satellite.
Broadband/Landline Bundle
An all-inclusive package in which you pay for both broadband and line rental together.
Buffer Amount
This is a trigger balance set by a card holder. Once it has been reached, it alerts the card holder not to spend further, thus preventing inadvertent overspending.
This is a package deal. For example, with regard to mobile phone services you can purchase a text and minutes bundle offering you call-time and text messages for a predetermined fee. A broadband bundle could be a combination of broadband and phone line rental, for example.
Cancel for Any Reason
An insurance term allowing for compensation of non-refundable fare prices and deposits if a particular journey is cancelled for any reason, regardless of whether the reason is specifically cited in the policy.
A person who possesses a payment card and uses it to make purchases.
Cash back
A way to withdraw cash without visiting an ATM machine while making purchases. When paying for a set of purchases by debit card, a customer might choose to pay more than the value of his/her purchases to the seller. The customer would then be reimbursed this amount in cash by the seller. For instance, your grocery bill amounts to RM 140.You choose to pay RM 200 with your card instead. The seller will return the extra RM 60 as cash.
A document signed by the drawer (the person who wrote the cheque),instructing payment of a certain sum of money to a payee's account (account of the intended recipient of the money).
Congenital Disability
Refers to a disability that exists at birth or develops shortly after birth. A congenital disability may be due to a hereditary aberrancy, passed down genetically from either of the parents to the child.
The deal you make with your provider. They agree to supply a service, and you agree to stay with them, for a set period of time.
Coverage Start Date
The date on which an insurance policy contract comes into effect and one can avail its benefits.
The unification of services, such as a combination of mobile phone and broadband services offered by a single provider at a cheaper price.
Credit Card Agreement
A document which states all the terms and conditions of use of your credit card. It is a contract with your credit card provider.
Credit Card
A payment method that permits you to buy something even when you have not got the money (much like taking a loan on the go).
Credit Limit
The maximum you can spend with your credit card.
Credit Score
A number summarizing an individual's credit record and history.The score is dependent on factorssuch as whether or not you pay your bills on time, your current level of debt, the kinds of credit and loans you have got, and the length of your credit history. Money lenders use these credit scores and knowledge from credit reports to determine interest rates.
A general term for videos, text, pictures or sound stored on, processed, sent or received by your computer.
The amount that has to be paid by the insured before the insurer pays a claim.
Deposit Insurance
Also called depository insurance. It is insurance provided generally by a government agency against the risk of loss in the event of bank failure.
Dial-up Internet
This is when your computer calls your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to allow you to connect to the internet ?a dialing tone can normally be heard. This means you have to establish a new connection each time you visit the internet, unlike broadband which is always on.
Moving files from the internet to your PC.
Download Restriction
A limit to the amount of data you are allowed to download over a set period. For example a broadband package could offer a 3 GB download restriction, meaning you are only allowed to download 3 GB over a predetermined period (usually 1 month).
This describes data that goes from the internet to your computer ? so for example emails, downloading from the internet etc.
Drawee Bank
The bank that cashes your cheques.
The individual who has ordered the bank to withdraw money from one account and deposit itin another by issuing a cheque.
Digital Subscriber Line - this technology transfers data over a phone line without interfering with telephone call services.
This is a device used by a phone company's central office to connect multiple customer DSL lines to a high speed communication channel. This allows several DSL customers to access the internet through a single high-speed pathway.
Emergency Benefits
A payment made by insurance companies to cover sudden and serious health problems, injuries, or accidents requiring immediate treatment. These might include emergency medical evaluations, accident & illness expenses, emergency reunion with a loved one and expenses incurred to bring a body back to its home country.
Emergency Travel Assistance
Travel insurance provides a wide range of services including a twenty four hour emergency contact number. This enables the insured to call from any location worldwide, and ask for assistance and services such as medical referrals and observation, legal help, emergency message centres, emergency money transfers, arrangement of medical evacuations or repatriations, emergency translations, and any pre-trip help.
Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
A retirement plan wherein employees contribute a percentage of their salary and employers contribute an additional amount toward creating a fund. This can be used in the event of retirement, sickness, disability or unemployment.
An Ethernet Optical Network. For a definition of Ethernet, look below.
This is a network standard for data transmission, most commonly used on local area networks (LANs) such as in the workplace. New systems are now capable of running at 1,000 Mbps.
The telecommunications facility that your connection is associated with. A telephone exchange is a facility to which subscribers are connected, that switches and routes calls between subscribers and other facilities. If you are unable to receive broadband services where you live, it might be because you are not in range of an exchange.
Most insurance plans do not provide coverage for certain conditions or situations. These are generally referred to as exclusions. It is essential that you understand these exclusions prior to buying insurance.
Refers to the costs incurred during a covered trip by the insured that can be claimed according to the policy.
Family Plans
Plans that include all members of a family, andoften relatives other than the immediate family members. This may include grandparents and in-laws.
The integrated operating system and softwarein mobile phones or smartphones and other devices that is permanently stored, and normally cannot be removed or altered.
Fixed Interest Account
Also called a fixed deposit, term deposit and fixed-term deposit account. This account requiresfunds to be locked in for a fixed period of time, i.e. they cannot be withdrawn.
Fleet Card
A payment card designed specifically to be used for the repair andrefuelling of cars.
File transfer protocol is one of the standards that define rules for the exchange of data over the internet.
Global Positioning System is a navigation system that allows users to know exactly where they are, and helps them get where they want to be. It is often offered with mobile broadband and related mobile services.
Hazardous Sports & Activities Coverage
Coverage for medical costs as a result of indulging in particularly unsafe or high risk sports or activities such as scuba diving, sky diving, hiking, skiing and/or amateur or skilled athletics etc.
High-yielding Savings Account
This is a type of savings account that yields high interest rates. These accounts generally require a higher minimum deposit.
An account where no transaction has taken place for defined time period.The time period is often between six to twelve months but varies depending on the bank.
Instant Messaging
A service that allows you to 'chat' with another internet user in real time by typing.
Interest-free Period
The number of days within whichifyou pay your bill fully, no interest will be charged on purchases. This represents the time-frame between the purchase date and payment due date.
Internet Protocol
This is the primary standard of rules and conventions used for the exchange of data and communication over the internet.
IP Address
A unique number assigned to each computer on a network for identification purposes.
Internet Service Provider is the company that supplies your internet connection.
The fixed telephone line at a home ? it is not a mobile line, but rather a routed line.
Late-payment Fee
A fee charged when you make payment after the due date.
Local Loop Unbundling describes a regulatory process that allows multiple telecommunication/internet service providers to use the connection between the telephone exchange and the customer to render its services.
Migration Authorization Code ? is a unique identified code that you can use to switch from one broadband provider to another with ease.
A contract listing the rights and obligations between the customer and the bank as well as the terms and conditions of using the services. This is laid out in written instruction. For example, it might name a person (the mandatee), accredited to sign and operate a current account.
Margin of Financing
This refers to the loan amount granted by a financial institution, expressed as a percentage of the property pledged/collateral used to secure the loan.
Maturity Date
This is the date on which you can access funds you have invested without being penalized i.e. the last day of the investment period.
Megabits per second. This measures how quickly data can be transmitted over a network.
Minimum Interest Charge
The minimum interest rate you may be charged. For example, if your total interest charge is RM 0.75 but your credit card company's minimum interest charge is RM 1, you will be charged RM1.
Mobile/Broadband Bundle
An all-inclusive package in which you pay for both broadband and mobile phone network charges together.
The device that allows your PC to connect to the internet via your telephone line ? previously they were external peripheral devices, but now they are inbuilt within computers.
Multiple Insurance
When a person owns more than one insurance policy, he/she is said to hold multiple insurance.
Multiple Port Router
This is a switch and a router sold in a single package.
Offline Transaction
Debit card transactions that do not require PIN verification, but use a signature instead.
Online Transaction
Debit card transactions that are carried out through the input of a personal identification number (PIN).
Operating System
The master software built into a smartphone that supports its basic functions and enables it to run other applications designed specifically for it.
A term used to describe that an application's programming source code is accessible by the public.
Over-the-limit Fee
A fee charged when your account balance exceeds your credit limit. You shall be charged this fee only if you allow your credit card provider to carry out transactions beyond your credit limit.
The person entitled to receive a payment from a cheque.
Payment Card
A general term, referring to all magnetic coded cards with which you can make purchases.
Penalty Fees
Fees charged when you breach the terms of your cardholder agreement. For instance, your credit card company could charge a penalty fee if you paid after the due date or if you exceeded your credit limit.
Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Philippines
A government body that insures fixed term deposits for up to RM 250,000 per depositor per bank for institutions recognized by it.
Period of Coverage
The time period for which the insurance coverage is valid.

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