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MoneyMax.ph's Guide to Credit Cards in the Philippines

Yes, you can. Note that you may end up in even worse debt if you only pay the minimum every month. The standard for most credit card issuers is that the minimum amount that must be paid is 5% of the outstanding balance at that particular billing cycle. If you pay only the minimum, the remaining amount is charged a financing fee, tacked onto your next billing statement.
Unfortunately, there are no current regulations that put a ceiling on fees, interest rates, or penalties charged by providers. However, the BSP does require that providers properly disclose all payable items to their clients. It's ideal that you call your provider for a clearer picture of your dues.
Yes, but only after you've paid all outstanding balances and fees applicable to it, including any amounts that have not yet reflected in the current statement. If you are having issues paying your bill, it's ideal to contact your creditors immediately to request a possible payment plan for the outstanding amounts.
No. The Bill of Rights specifically Act III, section 20 of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines states that no person shall be imprisoned for debt or the non-payment of a poll tax. However, your creditor may, depending on the circumstances, engage you in a civil suit to collect the amount.
You can file a complaint directly with the credit card issuer if you are being harassed by collection agencies as the BSP provides in Circular no. 454, dated September 24, 2004, that consumers be protected from unfair collection practices. Further action may be filed with the Financial Consumer Affairs Group should the issuer's actions prove unsatisfactory.
In cases where your credit card is stolen, it's advisable to contact your credit card issuer immediately. Most companies have hotlines specifically for this kind of emergency. Take note of the reference number and date of your preliminary report of the theft/loss. Accomplishing this before the card is used by the thief prevents you from being liable for any unauthorized charges.

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