5 Tips on Buying and Selling Cars Online

Published: August 29, 2016 | Updated: March 28, 2021 | Posted by: Anton | Car Insurance


5 Tips on buying and selling cars online

The Internet has provided everyone with a new place to do practically everything. Thanks to the advances in web technologies, people can now safely buy and sell almost everything online, even vehicles and car insurance. From automotive enthusiasts to car collectors to the everyday driver, online car classifieds have opened up new avenues to buy and sell vehicles. Among many features, you can search for a large number of cars, filter, compare and list your car for sale.

Here are some ways to maximize the use of the web in buying and selling autos.


Instead of spending your time in traffic going from dealer to dealer trying to find your new car, you now can jump online and basically find your ideal vehicle a few clicks away. It is recommended you start with a car classified website. They were specifically built for vehicle trading, providing functionalities such as searching, filtering, comparing and advice. In addition, from the website, you can contact the seller directly to organize vehicle inspection and test drive.

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Looking for information has never been easier. Whether buying or selling a vehicle, always do your online research by browsing through similar listings, reading articles, and forum posts. In addition, make sure you are familiar with exactly what you are trying to buy or sell, including a ballpark value of the item.

When selling a vehicle, it’s also important to include as much details as possible such as: model name, year of manufacture, vehicle condition, modifications (if any), a good description of what’s for sale and photos from all angles.

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Nobody wants to be thought of as a scammer, especially with today’s stringent security procedures over the Internet. As a seller, details of posted items should be clear and the price indicated if negotiable or not. Always use the correct contact details and location of the item, so that buyers can get in contact with you easily. As a buyer, it would be best to indicate potential time to inspect the car so sellers have a window of availability to meet up and discuss details. Moreover, don’t be afraid of asking questions and never buy unseen vehicles.


Always use the correct details. This ensures a good seller-buyer relationship, in which buyers are confident of what they see, and sellers are sure of your buying potential. Contact details are a vital part of one’s profile in selling or buying anything. These channels must be open and reachable so buyers and sellers can reply immediately. Open communication lines promote smooth transactions. Have a mobile number, email address, or social media account ready to be tapped so people can reach you for inquiries. It is recommended to have at least two contact points – a phone number and an email address.


Using trustworthy websites to sell or buy your cars and parts online is a must. Sites like tsikot.com provide a secure platform to post your car for sale, as well as parts and services. Such sites also provide a plethora of advantages over word-of-mouth advice via the forum and news sections.

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Primarily, these sites have a wider audience reach, meaning you can search for items to buy or sell from local to a nationwide scale. Your vehicle for sale will be seen by a lot of buyers and it is likely to get sold. Secondly, they offer more features to facilitate the process, including messaging and an easy-to-navigate user interface. Finally, always look for an established name in the online automotive industry, which will provide its users with reliable listings. Many general classifieds don’t keep their car listings updated, hence you ended up wasting your time browsing through vehicle listings that are inactive or sold.

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