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Got Bills to Pay? Here’s Your Guide to Bills Payment Centers in the Philippines


Hate rushing between different banks or offices to pay your bills? Or maybe you loathe dealing with overdue bills and disconnection notices? Good thing, bills payment centers are accessible to Filipinos who need to settle their… Read More

Max Investigates: The Metrobankdirect Online Banking Experience


Metrobank, the second largest bank in the Philippines, provides its customers an alternative to its over-the-counter banking transactions via the Metrobankdirect Online facility. If you’re a Metrobank accountholder who’s considering to register for an online… Read More

Best Payday Loans in the Philippines for Any Financial Emergency


Payday loans—with their quick application, approval, and cash disbursement—can help cash-strapped Filipinos meet their urgent financial needs. More so when it’s Petsa de Peligro and there’s an emergency, like sudden hospitalization in the family or… Read More