A Silver Lining Called Cloud Kitchen for Food Business Owners

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurant owners struggled to keep their operations running. Lockdown implementations hit the vulnerabilities of brick-and-mortar restaurants, forcing them to shut down longer than expected. This inability to support day-to-day operations gave birth to cloud kitchens or services that offer kitchen spaces to food and beverage (F&B) business owners. If you’re planning to set up a cloud kitchen to support small businesses in your locality, or if you’re a small business owner planning to join a cloud kitchen, you can learn more about it in this article. What is a Cloud Kitchen? A cloud kitchen is a commercial facility for F&B business owners who can rent kitchen space to prepare delivery-only food items. It goes by several names, such as ghost kitchen, shared kitchen, and virtual kitchens. Cloud kitchens are restaurants that only have kitchens.[1] They provide the space conducive for cooking, baking, or preparing meals. The cloud kitchen concept is perfect for food business owners who don’t have sufficient funds to pay for their own brick-and-mortar restaurant.  Nevertheless, owners can still have their own brand identity, apps, websites, and the like. But customers will need to book a delivery service to receive their orders. Cloud Kitchen vs Ghost Kitchen: Is There a Difference? Technically speaking, cloud kitchens and ghost kitchens are the same. They both offer kitchen spaces to F&B business owners who are either new in the industry or are cutting operational costs. However, there’s a clear distinction between the two. Cloud kitchen – Many different food brands operate in the same outlet….

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