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How many hours Filipinos need to work to afford iPhone X?

Having a mobile phone 20 years ago was not a necessity. People who had mobile phones back then were mostly businessmen and executives. Earlier, mobile phones were only being used as means for communication i.e. for calls and SMS. However, due to ever-changing and fast-paced technological advancements, owning a mobile phone nowadays is an essential […]

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The New Apple iPhone 8 And iPhone X Are Expensive, But Gorgeous

The unveiling of Apple’s latest offerings took place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, California. The crowd of thousands joined everyone watching across the world as the tech giant’s new flagship phones graced the stage: The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It has been rumored that these phones would represent the latest […]

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Get These Must-Have Gadget Accessories Under Php 1,000

These days, nearly everyone has a gadget that helps them organize their day, or keeps them entertained through bad traffic or long waits. There are also a few gadget accessories that add to the usefulness of your gear, adding more battery life or offering a different way to deal with files. There are accessories that […]

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6 Gadgets to Watch Out For In 2015

Welcome to 2015. Movie buffs may recall this as the period visited by Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future II. Here’s a look at six gadgets set to make waves in 2015 that may blow your minds (and your pockets). Skype Translator Developed By: Skype Release: Already Available, Limited A closed […]

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Smartphone Gift Guide 2014

As the year draws to a close, you may be among those people planning to buy or saving up for a smartphone upgrade. We all know how smartphones make life easier and much more exciting with high-speed Internet and a full range of apps. They are sure to carry over as a must-have in 2015. […]

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5 Gadgets to Welcome the New Year with at MoneyMax

New Year is fast approaching and you might be thinking of updating your tech gear as you say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. Some of the biggest broadband plan providers in the Philippines are offering mobile plans bundled with some of the coolest gadgets available. With these new devices, take pics and videos […]

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