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UnionBank Great Treats & Rewards (GT+R) Credit Card

Housing and auto loans come with unavoidable monthly payments. Receiving benefits when getting a loan is sometimes a benefit that people focus on. As for the UnionBank Housing and Auto Loans borrowers, they could benefit from the UnionBank Great Treats & Rewards Credit Cards which act as a rewards platform offered by the bank to loan customers. Table of ContentsThe Great Treats & Rewards Credit CardWhat are the Standard Features of UnionBank Credit Cards?The Fees And ChargesHow About the Rewards and Rebates? The Great Treats & Rewards Credit Card The UnionBank Great Treats & Rewards credit card is a Visa credit card as well as a fully-equipped reward card given to housing or auto loans borrowers. As a Visa credit card, it is accepted worldwide at any Visa accredited merchant. The features and benefits of the GT+R credit cards are similar to other UnionBank credit cards. The Light Installment Program offers up to 36 monthly installment terms at a 0% interest rate for any purchases above P3,000 at any UnionBank’s partner establishments. What are the Standard Features of UnionBank Credit Cards? The loans borrowers, especially the UnionBank Auto Loans borrowers, are likely to be attracted by the Auto-Insurance Installment Program which is one of the standard features of UnionBank credit cards. Besides having discounts on the insurance premiums, borrowers can also enjoy easy payment terms which are up to 12 monthly installments at a 0% interest rate. In addition, cardholders can choose from several convenient methods to make their monthly payments. They can choose to pay over-the-counter at any UnionBank branches, via UnionBank…

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What You Can Get from a BDO ShopMore MasterCard

Eager to get yourself a credit card so that you can enjoy shopping trips with the comfort of being able to make payments on an installment basis while earning reward points? Then, you might want to look into the BDO ShopMore MasterCard. Read more: 7 Free Online Courses to Help You Earn More Money Table of ContentsWhat’s So Special About the BDO ShopMore MasterCard?1. Using a stone to kill two birds, or maybe more2.  Rebate during SM’s 3-Day Sale3. Membership Fee4. Finance Charge5. Easy Pay Installment6. Worldwide AcceptanceShopMore Instant Shopping Discount What’s So Special About the BDO ShopMore MasterCard? 1. Using a stone to kill two birds, or maybe more The BDO Shop More MasterCard comes with a free SM Advantage Card. This enables you to get more value value of every peso you spend: earning reward points while shopping in SM Department Stores, SM Affiliates, and other SM Advantage Card partner establishments. With the BDO ShopMore MasterCard, you will get an additional 0.5 points on top of regular points earned in your SM Advantage Card. SM Advantage Cardholders can earn 1 point for every P200 payment. However, the ShopMore MasterCard will get you an additional 0.5 points, making it a total of 1.5 points for every P200 purchase. 2.  Rebate during SM’s 3-Day Sale Cardholders can get a 5% rebate during SM’s 3-day Sale, with a minimum spending of P5,000. In addition, cardholders can get a 10% discount on top of the sale price if they shop during the first 2 hours of the first-day sale. How to get the…

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