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What You Should Do During a Vehicular Collision

When you’re on the road, you are more susceptible to danger. Road troubles may lead you to confusion, stress and cramming. It is really hard to think during these scenarios, so help yourself and lessen the stress from unfortunate events by taking the right steps: Table of ContentsDo not panicStay putTake picturesTake fundamental notesFile an accident reportCall your car insurance provider Do not panic Calm yourself and conduct thorough self-check. Make sure that everyone in your car is fine and free from possible medications. If ever, ask for help on first-aid or ask for assistance on the nearest hospital. Otherwise, keep calm and talk to parties involved. Avoid picking up fights, too as it won’t lead anywhere but wasting time. Stay put Do not move your cars; let it be in its last, same position as it was. Full-stop and don’t make any moves on your car. This is to help you, all the parties involved and the authorities on gauging whose fault is what. Take pictures Capture evidences that will give everyone the overview of the whole incident. Take photos in such manner that it could help you narrate the whole accident. These photos will help you on your car insurance claims and disputes if there is any confusion and misunderstanding. Take fundamental notes Take down information such as names, addresses, contact information, driver’s license number and plate number of the driver/s involved. Make a written description of the cars involved, including year, make, model and color. The exact location of the collision and how it happened is also…

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance

Most of the time when you purchase a car, you just sign up for whatever car insurance offered without even reading everything and digging into details. Why? Because it’s not interesting and you’re more enthusiastic about your new car and also, it’s not interesting at all. However, the details in your insurance are as valuable as the car. Try to read and know everything before signing up. If your issue is the budget, you can always find the cheapest car insurance in the Philippines, or even the best only if you find the time to research. Before you sign the dotted line, think about these considerations: Table of ContentsCoverageRiskPaymentVehicleReplacement PartsServiceDiscounts Coverage Find out what coverage you exactly need. Usually, liability coverage is the basic thing people sign up for. It’s more of the coverage of the costs of the injured or deceased party for an accident you are responsible for. This also covers legal fees along with repair costs for any damage done to another affected vehicle. There is also comprehensive car insurance, collision insurance, personal injury or personal accident insurance among other. Research for more before you commit to anything. Risk The rate is equal to how much risk are you in the bank or company.  The higher the risk, the higher the chances of you making insurance claim, hence the higher your insurance rate will be. Age, gender, health, driving, and criminal records as well as credit history and the area you live in are all taken into consideration in risk assessment. Teens and the elderly are more likely…

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