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Basic Car Brake Troubleshooting You Need to Know

One of the known causes of reported vehicular accidents is the loss of brakes. Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. So whenever you’re uneasy with it, you need to do some troubleshooting right away. Just in case that calling your car insurance provider is not possible at any moment during this […]

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World Car of the Year 2014 is here!

Despite stricter Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) compliance regulations on luxury items, the newest member of the Audi lineup is here! Value for money is the main goal of this Audi’s new release. For most vehicles with both gas and diesel variants, the gas-powered usually comes the cheaper and the ones with the diesel engine […]

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Get your car insurance from

Our car insurance comparison platform is now online! On behalf of the whole team of, I am proud to announce that we now compare car insurance premiums from some of the top car insurance providers in the Philippines. We have partnered with the best insurers in the country such as Charter Ping An, Federal Phoenix, Mapfre Insular, […]

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What You Should Do During a Vehicular Collision

When you’re on the road, you are more susceptible to danger. Road troubles may lead you to confusion, stress and cramming. It is really hard to think during these scenarios, so help yourself and lessen the stress from unfortunate events by taking the right steps: Do not panic Calm yourself and conduct thorough self-check. Make […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance

Most of the time when you purchase a car, you just sign up for whatever car insurance offered without even reading everything and digging into details. Why? Because it’s not interesting and you’re more enthusiastic about your new car and also, it’s not interesting at all. However, the details in your insurance are as valuable […]

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